Monterey Wine Festival

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4 Dates Through Jun 14, 2020
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Monterey Conference Center

1 Portola Plaza
Monterey, CA 93940


DOWNTOWN EAST     Located on Washington and Tyler Street between Franklin Street and Del Monte Avenue (340 Tyler St). Best parking for Conference Center and Downtown. Good parking for Fisherman's Wharf and the Marina. Gate operated entrances, $7 flat entry fee per day, accepts coin, bills and Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Monthly permits available. Maximum vehicle height is 6-feet 8-inches. Monthly Bicycle locker rentals. 590 Spaces

WATERFRONT ATTENDANT LOT #1     Located between Washington Street (245 Washington)& and Fisherman's Wharf. Best parking for Fisherman's Wharf, the Harbor/Marina and the Coastal Trail. RV parking available, 25' maximum length. Tour Bus Parking with passengers, loading zone provided. Hourly parking with an attendant, $1.00 per half-hour or fraction thereof, $15 maximum per day, Visa or MasterCard accepted. 479 Spaces.